House HB by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti


The house HB, designed by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti, is a redefinition of a specific form of Slovene traditional house, of low and elongated rural typology.

The house appears like a transparent object rising from the ground, merging with the landscape. The roof and side facades are clad in the same materialaluminium plates, which merge the surface together, leaving the house smooth, without any ornamental details.

The intimate areas of the house, including bedrooms and library, are sunken in the terrain, while the living area is locate in the visible upper part of the house. The two levels offer quite different living experiences, the lower structure is built in concrete and is oriented towards the hidden patio, while the upper structure is made of glass, entirely transparent along the longer edges of the building.

The open interior has no dividing walls. The border between inside and outside is blurred, the inside of the house continuing onto the grass via wooden platforms. The landscape becomes an extension of the living environment.

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