Hotel Caldor


S�hne & Partner projected the first Self Check In Hotel located in the city border of Vienna, near to the biggest Shopping Center of Austria.

The structure of the Hotel Caldor emerges along the road. From the centre cross point the Hotel is buckling. The buckling gives the hotel a high profile from the main road. At the cross point you find the lobby, the main access, the check in machine, etc.

The curtain wall is on hand the protection against weathering for the cross point. On the other hand it also gives shade and shelter. The perforation of the fa�ade panels plays with the logo of the hotel, abstract its.

Interesting spaces inside/outside are created which emphasizes the communication between them.� Low building cost where the basis for moderate fees for the rooms. A single room has the size of only 10 square meters, double rooms only 14 square meters including bathrooms. The combination of used colors and the use of just a glass wall as a separation between the room and the bathroom has created rooms which doesn’t feel small, even they are.


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