Hide Expanding TV Screen for Modern Home Theater Design by Acerbis

modern home theater designs

This futuristic home theater furniture designed from Acerbis was totally shows as futuristic additional home accessories for our home theatre. The main function of this accessory was as a enlarger stuff for our TV. This additional screen will help us to get clear and bright picture from our TV. Actually, this stuff was design as hide TV screen idea that place in the drawer cabinet decoration. This idea was thought from the simple space so the designer wants to maximize the space to be functional and decorative. Since the stuff was simple and easy to use, this space was big look minimalist when the screen was off. Furthermore, this stuff was designed for those who love spend their leisure time in a home and enjoy seeing the movies or TV shows. Honestly, this expanding TV screen décor was presented for those who have small space and love to decorate and fill their house with multifunction stuff. Furthermore, this screen as available not only for drawer but also for ceiling screen that can be turn down. Special for movies lover, this accessories will complete your modern home theater designs.

futuristic home theater furniture

hide TV screen idea

expanding TV screen decor

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