Green Retreat House Designs Ideas by Dick Clark Architecture

outdoor contemporary house design

This modern green retreat house was designed in using concrete material that combine with metal construction. We can see from the whole layout of this house design that try to combine both modern and natural aspect to build a great house construction. Other decoration that shows this house was design in natural and modern side was the color application that use in this house. We can see that both concrete wall and other decoration were applied in brown natural color system. Check out other outdoor contemporary house design that complete this house and feel how the natural aspect can be smoothly complete the modern style of a retreat house. This house gives free space for trees and plant to growth up in the middle of this house. This effect will help the owner to get fresh air every single day. Other decorative aspect that completes this great house was the glass material that combines with the concrete construction. The designer will shows his contemporary retreat house designs here. {via}

contemporary retreat house designs

modern green retreat house

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