Green Prefab and Eco Friendly House Designs in Washington

green eco friendly prefab house

This green eco friendly prefab house by Method Homes is located in the heart forest of Washington. The whole design of this house will remind us with the simple living and enjoy the live as a gift. The simple decoration combine with the green concept of this house will give different look of a house designs. When we come to this house, we will welcomed by a clear functional open plan space that complete with the contemporary space and terrace designs. Those of that space give beautiful scenery form the inside of the house. The landscape of this house was look in the forest and catch up the hill views. The functional space of this house was completed with the wooden furniture so that the eco friendly style of this house obviously can be seen from the whole decoration and interior of this space. Furthermore, this prefab house completed with a clean bedding room décor that use a soft and gentle fabric. The bedding décor if this side was complete with the portable cushions and comfortable pillows. Well, as the complete space of a house, this prefab house also completed with the sustainable kitchen design ideas that will comfort the owner.{via}

contemporary space and terrace designs

sustainable kitchen design ideas

clean bedding room decor

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