Green Open Landscaping Designs with Minimal Exterior Plans

green eco-friendly home designs

The landscape of these green eco-friendly home designs were look comfy and calm. This page was smartly show the need of new modern house design with green and eco-friendly thought. The landscaping view of this home will show a great comfortable space for both living and growth with our kids or our couple. The green landscape of this home was come from the surrounded space of this house and the contrast application of the home building. The minimal outdoor exterior plans were come from the using of minimal decoration for the outdoor space. Through this page we can see the using of minimal plants and the simple garden decor. There were just the several trees and the main small plants. The white light eco friendly home interior of this house was try to balance the green and minimalist application of the exterior space of this house. That was look contrast but nice. It was recommended especially for those who need a space that will show the main or major appearance from our home space. That white light decoration was completed with open landscaping home decorations.[via]

minimal outdoor exterior plans

open landscaping home decorations

white light eco friendly home interior

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