Green Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas by Franco Pecchioli

modern bathroom interior design

This decorative wash basin bathroom decor was design for those who love in ancient look and extraordinary appearance of a bathroom space. Actually, this decoration was completed with both glass and stone material. Check out this unique stone tile design by Franco Pecchioli and feel different experience when we were step up. Natural breeze will embrace us when we were use this space. Other natural fresh decoration was the bathtub tile decor idea that combines with floral pattern design on the bottom side. This furniture completed with glass decoration also. As the whole appearance of a bathroom space, this decoration was completed with the unique wash basin furniture that applies glass material on both right and left side. If you were interested to try on this green bathroom tile idea you can try to get further info in this site and then you can start to give your bathroom with new decorating idea called modern bathroom interior design.

bathtub tile decor idea

decorative wash basin bathroom decor

green bathroom tile idea

unique stone tile design

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