Great Mountain Himalayas House Designs with Green and Clean Exterior

humble vintage mountain house

When we are looking down into this mountain Himalayas house design, our mind will thought about something calm, decorative, comfortable, and full of peace. The green and clean Himalayas mountain house exterior that cover almost the whole side space of this house is totally inviting and the designer use the high window system so that event we are in the inside space of the house, we still can keep an eye for the outside space. is that sound great, isn’t it? [via]

green and clean himalayas mountain house exterior

simple back yard mountain house landscape

romantic himalayas mountain house terrace

If we are look out the great mountain stone material ideas material, we will see the mountain stone as the main material of this house and combine with the wooden material so empower and beautify the stone. Proportionally, a mountain Himalayas house design is come from the combination of nature element and those two materials is one of the real natural materials from nature. Try to give some accent probably will enrich our mountain house look so nice and comfortable, so don’t hesitate to try.

great mountain stone material ideas

nice rooftop terrace space

decorative mountain house living room

The decorative mountain house living room will welcome us when we are come in into this house while the romantic Himalayas mountain house terrace will give the calm treatment for our heart. Beautiful scenery, calm atmosphere, that’s look so nice and interesting, isn’t it? So, don’t feel shy to get the humble vintage mountain house inspiration through look round this mountain Himalayas house design.

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