Modern Google Office Decoration Pictures

google front office desk decor

Do you wondering the see Google office decoration design? If yes, let’s see this review and enjoy the layouts of Google office. When we come to this Google office that located in Sydney, we will welcome with a large natural Google front desk decor that complete with a green wall artificial garden. The real plantation was complete this side so we will feel the fresh air form this space. Furthermore, as a complete office space, this office was complete with a colorful Google office cafe that treat the staff to stay relax and accommodate the staff or both converse or receive their guest. Need something relax and fun? Go on to next space and we will found a leisure space of this office. A modern Google recreational space was available in this side and give the staff a leisure experience trough this space. Complete with a single billiard table, this space complete with a table lounge also. Need a serious space, go to the formal meeting room and we will welcome with a large natural wall painting furniture that complete with a huge bird painting. As your complete inspiration, you can start to enjoy these Google conference room pictures first.{via}

google office game room pictures

google office reception room

google office workstations room

colorful google office interior design

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    Thank you very much for the game evaluation. I suppose I will need to go buy it later this morning!

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