Giving Depth to a Small Room

Giving Depth to a Small Room

Stuck on how to design a small room in your home? You are not alone. The good news is that there are many stylish ways to make a statement, even with limited room to work with. The possibilities for contemporary small room design are endless, when you apply the right tricks.

Using a dark color to paint the furthest wall from the door can add depth to the appearance of a room, and also make a statement as soon as someone enters. Adding a mirror to the deepest wall can also create a subliminal illusion that the room is larger than it really is. Filling the space from the door to the back wall with different patterns can also draw the eye to the amount of space in between.

When it comes to bedroom space, less can actually be more—meaning that implementing ceiling-high storage spaces can make a wall look wider and taller, even though the cupboards will take up additional room. Choosing a storage façade that has glass components can emphasize the appearance of a lofty wall or ceiling. Building the cupboards around the headboard of the bed can seemingly alter the depth of a room, as well.

In general, depth is an aspect of small bedroom design that can make a big difference in the overall size perception of a room.

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