Give your Home an Edge with Unusual Wall Coverings

Unusual wall coverings1

How different is your home from every other home in the neighborhood? With a specific portion of the block devoted to every home, there is very little you can architecturally or structurally change in your home to make it stand out among the others; but, there is so much you can do in terms of the design elements you use.

Give your neighbors, friends and other house guests something to think about when they’re done visiting your home. You can do so much with different colors of paint, unusual furniture and creative window treatments; but one design element that’s picking up rapid pace among interior design enthusiasts is wall coverings.

Take one good look at your house and take a look at these unusual wall covers; which one will you choose for your home?

When you move away from wallpapers, there’s so much you will find. Perhaps, something lightly textured and metallic like this.

Unusual wall coverings2

Or, something with solid textures arranged in a wavy pattern like this.

Unusual wall coverings3

Or something minimal like this for your child’s bedroom.

Unusual wall coverings4

If you’re doing up the study in your home, what better wall covering to set the perfect ambience than one that’s created out of paper and books.

Unusual wall coverings5

Or, you could think about heading to a furniture store, asking for salvaged wood and creating your very own wall covering by arranging the slats against the wall.

Unusual wall coverings6

Are you an artistic soul who wants to be set free from everything that’s plain, common and monotonous? Then, you’d love an artistic wall like this.

Unusual wall coverings7

For smart contemporary homes, a sober wall covering like this is simply perfect.

Unusual wall coverings8

Give your home that museum feel with an antique gold touch. Doesn’t this look palatial?

Unusual wall coverings9

No one will ever know whether you’ve neatly stacked logs of wood for this dramatic wall effect or they’re just 3D panels until they feel this amazingly creative wall covering.

Unusual wall coverings10

Love the creativity digital prints bring with them? You’ll surely enjoy something like this for your wall.

Unusual wall coverings11

Now, it’s time to make your decision! Have you found the most desirable unusual wall covering for your home, one that perfectly suits your personality and the ambience in your home?

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Unusual wall coverings13

Unusual wall coverings14

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