Geystikon Restaurant

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Dimitris Economou designed a fresh and cozy restaurant in Vari, Athens.

Project description:

Greek people are really trying hard to overcome difficulties that arise from the economic crisis, keeping their smile and, as much as they can, their cheerful mood. Many habits have changed in the past two years, and one of those is that people have stopped eating in places that offer too expensive and rather than quality food. They prefer to spend their money in places worth it. This was the idea that lead Dimitris Economou to create “gefstikon” restaurant in Vari, Athens.

“Having to deal with owners that were in the food business for more than 20 years, offering economic but very quality food, we decided that they deserved a place that would not remind people of a fast food but a fresh, cozy and stylish restaurant”, explains the designer Dimitris Economou about his project. “Keeping that in mind we turned to relaxing colors and finishes such as teak wood, pastel fabrics, rattan wallpapers, many plants and atmospheric lights”.

All these materials were perfectly matched together in a place that intensively reminds nature, and customers can feel the freshness and the quality of the food served in the restaurant. The dining area is strategically placed and although the restaurant is quite small, it can serve 70 sitting people in its 68 m2 of interior hall.

The continuous change of materials, images and chairs makes the place look fresh and fancy and its long tables, very cleverly separated can serve either 4 or a big company of 8-9 people. There is clear targeted lighting on all tables which, when dimered creates a bar atmosphere. The exterior, even more colorful, predisposes the customer to sit and enjoy a wonderful meal or dinner and of course to enter the place. The main entrance leads the customer first from the take-out area so that one can see from the first minute the quality and the cleanliness of the preparation of food.

During summer time all windows open automatically as well as the roof-top in the back of the dining area.


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