Futuristic Robo Chair Designs from OFFECCT

futuristic dining chair furniture

Designed from Italian Designer Luca Nichetto, this simple chair furniture plan was publish by OFFECCT. The entire design of this furniture in detail will show that this chair can be folded since the cutting line of this furniture was separated with the stainless steel material. If you were thought that way, you were definitely wrong since this furniture was not as folding chair. This modern seating furniture idea was design in light of weight material so that we can move this chair furniture based on our pleasure and needs. Actually, this furniture will remind us with Japanese origami art from Japan. Look down to the entire design, these modern black and white chair designs can be use for both outdoor and indoor space. If we want to get different look from our dining space, we can try to combine this furniture with decorative dining table. Definitely, this futuristic dining chair furniture was inspired from those modern generations.

modern seating furniture idea

simple chair furniture plan

modern black and white chair designs

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