Futuristic High Tech Home Designs from Frank VaFaee

white high tech home exterior

The white high tech home exterior of this high tech home that designed by Frank VaFaee is use the concept of futuristic but, still concern with the eco-friendly thought of the nature. The high tech theme of this home is completely shows by the home while the eco-friendly style of this home is shows by the exterior of the home include with the surrounded space of this living space. Take a short journey to this high tech home will open our mind about the friendly combination of science and nature. The airy white living room designs that welcome us when we come in into this house is show the contribution of the naturalist and eco-friendly planner of the house as the humanity living space. The furniture is dark and shows the contradiction with the interior decoration of the living room.
The designer shows the futuristic high tech home landscape of this home through the contribution of the lighting fixtures of this house. The combination between both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting is make this living space show the great and elegant style of a high tech home that still care with the nature. The light is show the romantic landscape too, so that the lighting fixtures application of this home is give the double effect for the house. The nice landscape of the outdoor space is balances with the high tech house interior, am I right? [via]

futuristic high tech home landscape

airy white living room designs

high tech house interior

elegant high tech house terrace

clean and clear high tech house

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