Futuristic Chaise Lounge Furniture Designs from Arthur Rottier

futuristic chair lounge designs

These futuristic chair lounge designs from Arthur Rottier were design for both indoor and outdoor space from our home. Here we can see clearly that this furniture was separated in two color application that place for seating side and feet place. This unique decoration was tried to give comfortable feeling for the user when they were use this furniture. Even thought using color application for seating and feet side, but the main construction from this furniture was cover in white. One of the most attractive color applications was the pink chaise lounge décor. This series was look so feminine and girly. Actually, the color side from this chair was can be remove so that if the seating side was look dirty we can put them and wash them. This decoration was design to make this furniture friendly and care with the nature sustainability. Honestly, the entire side from this unique chair decor idea was very perfect, especially for the white construction that shaped in wave shape. So guys, we can try to come here to see further information from these modern seating furniture designs.{via}

modern seating furniture designs

pink chaise lounge decor

unique chair decor idea

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