Functional & Fabulous Staircase Designs to Enhance Your Home

Smart Staircase Designs Create Elegant Functionality

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Architectural design can generate a visually stunning home. And how a home is composed in terms of aesthetics can alter a person’s emotional response. A house with each room compartmentalized into a small space can cause a claustrophobic feeling. But an open floor plan brings a warm, communal atmosphere.

Finding the proper balance between a visually appealing open space and total functionality can be a puzzle to some homeowners. But seen from a designer’s perspective, this challenge proves a simple fix.

With a little creative innovation, focusing on the home’s staircase design can yield both an artistic appearance and the practical space necessary.

Hide Your Drawers

One way to open up space in your home is with the use of drawer storage. Creating custom drawers to fit within the space parameters underneath the staircase can easily provide a great deal of extra storage without inhibiting any other part of the home. Additionally, drawers add texture to an otherwise boring wall.

Stairs Double as Cupboards

A second technique to develop extra space is using each stair step as a secret cupboard. Perfect with wooden stairs, this idea allows for hidden storage that is easily accessible. Based upon the size of each stair, there can be a myriad of items stored in each from DVD cases to tissue boxes to kid’s toys and more. Many items like these are either oddly shaped or only sporadically necessary, so housing them can prove troublesome. Instead of wasting valuable closet or bathroom cabinet space, utilize an empty staircase to create multiple separate cupboards.

Spiral Staircase Freedom

If imagining an exposed floor plan, a bulky staircase can impede upon the home’s layout. Removing compact stairs in favor of a space friendly staircase produces an open concept. Steel spiral staircases maintain an open floor plan while preserving a trendy design. The helical shape of a spiral staircase creates both a charming appearance and space saving functionality. By opening up the area where the original staircase sits, spiral staircases exhaust much less space and, as a result, leave open space available for other uses and a cleaner design.

Library Staircase Charm

Staircases may seem like a commonplace characteristic of any two-story home. But there are actually lots of innovative ways to transform the ordinary into the unique. One idea is to fashion a small library out of your stairs. A staircase can be created with shelves on either side of the wall and beneath each step. Turning the staircase into a set of functioning bookshelves results in a whimsical style that truly imaginative. Because stairs generally have a surplus of wall space on either side, this use of space allots for typically wasted extra room. Not only is a library staircase one of a kind, it might just become the focal point of your home.

With a little creative genius, homes can be converted from average and space-wasting to excitingly original and practical. Instead of allowing the home’s imperfections to takeover the design appeal, invent convenient areas with visual architectural design to create a sophisticated, attractive and functional home.

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