The Froschkönig Modern Eco Friendly Tree House Design by Baumraum

modern eco friendly house designs

These modern tree house pictures were designed by Baumraum. The concept was tried to give personal space for both relax and get closer with the natural space. The design was look like a tube but the concept was place in horizontal shape so inside space of this trees house was completed with the bed set and the comfortable reading side. The modern eco friendly house designs idea from these high tree house plans can be seen from the neat decoration of inside space. The comfortable fabricated was place in both contemporary bed room interior design and read space. Completed with the bright window, the metal construction from this trees house was look perfect since the wood material was support the whole design of this high house idea. To support the trees house concept that always have high connotation, this house was completed with the wooden staircase construction to reach up the outdoor balcony design idea and the real trees house space. Here there is no cupboard or cabinet furniture, since those decoration was change with drawer system that place in the bottom side of the bedding set of this comfortable tree house decor.

outdoor balcony design idea

modern tree house pictures

contemporary bed room interior design

comfortable tree house decor

high tree house plans

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