Firma Office


This office of the architectural design studio Firma is situated in a converted apartment of an early 20th century building in Sarajevo.

The studio’s interior of 65 square meters comprises of two rooms an enfilade, and a small kitchen and toilette. The principal design objectives were based on the idea to create a bright and “optimistic” space, by employing white, reflective surfaces and mirrors, which both amplify natural lighting, and visually expand relatively small space.

Monochromatic color scheme (black and white) within the interior, provides a “neutral background” for a working place such as an architectural office, but it also enables a high contrast with the window views, slates and bricks of the rooftops and chimneys of the neighboring buildings.

Neutral materials were chosen, complimented by custom crafted furniture creating refreshing contrast and putting an elegant and timeless quiet balance to the space, leaving a great freedom of flexibility for further changes of the floor display.

Several indirect lights highlight the space in a very simple way. The only decorative element of the space are Iris Maschek’s wallpapers. The floor finish is white oak parquet. Ceiling is designed in 2 layers creating clear line of indirect light.








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