FICC Inc. Office


Upsetters Architectes refurbished the office for FICC Inc., a website promotion agency in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Here is the project description:

The extensive office has many windows in the unusual shape and rhythmical columns. We made two boxes (rooms) in the spacious space as its entrance hall and meeting room. The rest is used as the working space and backyard. In other words, there is a clear relationship between inside and outside the boxes: entrance hall and meeting room inside, working space and backyard outside.

Furthermore, both surfaces of each box are finished with the same material to intensify the inside and outside. Firstly, the entrance hall is carefully designed with the minimum necessity and covered with stone so that the visitors will be quietly welcome. Secondly, in the meeting room covered with American Ash, people can feel not only Japanese sensitive aesthetics but also the characteristics of the whole, such as successive windows and the “blank” space by them. It must imply the company image of FICC inc.

The two boxes are connected with the glassed passage in the light so that the visitors could sense the clearness of the company s work and the liveliness of its most young staff.

The working space outside the boxes is intended to be spacious and fit for computer working. The “blank” space by the windows is prepared to provide the ideal light environment so that people keep the blinds drawn up even during their work with computers. It is also expected to be used freely like as a terrace.

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