Fashionable Kitchen Design Ideas with Pop Art Motif Plans from Karim Rashid

colorful kitchen cabinet designs

This fashionable kitchen design décor was decorated for those who love in fashionable and stylish design. Actually, this decoration was completed with fashionable stuff decoration so that whole interior and decoration from this space was look awesome and eye catching. Using colorful kitchen cabinet designs from Scavolini, the designer Karim Rashid was design whole furniture in colorful application. He decorative paint from this furniture will bring different ambience since the layout of the kitchen cabinet was cover in both floral and abstract combination. Obviously we can see that those decorative glass paint idea was available for whole kitchen furniture such as kitchen cabinet, kitchen table and so on. Those same themes will bring good looking decoration from your kitchen space. Since the whole application here was cover with glossy door, the environment this kitchen will look stylish and fashionable areas that release minimalist kitchen interior plans.

decorative glass paint idea

fashionable kitchen design decor

minimalist kitchen interior plans

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