Extraordinary Black Box House Design with Spiral Staircase System

unique black box house building

Several years ago, people apply the usual building construction as their living place. Time goes by and creativity is increase quickly. Now, people are fall in love with some unique and extraordinary one. This black box house design is the real sample of an out of the box point of view from a human being. The construction of this unique black box house building is completely unusual and we can see directly started from the blue print until the real construction of the building. The designer use more than one shape for this building and cover every single side of this house with black color tone (especially for the outside). [via]

modern house building layouts

This out of the box house is completed with creative spiral style black box house interior that use as the direct link from the bottom floor of this black box house design until the top side of this building. Through the nice landscape of this house we can make sure which one is the first floor and which one is the second floor. There are so many stuff that we can use to fill our every floor with specific item so that we can differentiate he floor.

creative spiral style black box house interior

extraordinary design of black box house

The extraordinary design of black box house that we can see in this review is totally want to inspire others. Started from the unusual point of view, now we can shock the world through our creativity. Here, we still can express our self and try to show our character. The simple tone of black can be dynamic if we add some painting system on it. Discus with the family will be a good start for our black box house design . You want to try?

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