Expressive Small Pink House Design in Green Interior Applications

expressive small pink house design

Don’t be fooled by appearances; the exterior of this small pink house could not differ more from the interior! To counter expectations and avoid a feeling of “matchiness,” the color palettes chosen provide a striking contrast, moving from a pink exterior to a surprisingly spacious-seeming interior decorated in shades of green. Grey curtains provide privacy and help delineate public and private areas, as well as divide the house without the visual weight of walls, while space-saving tricks like the hidden bed and storage area ensure that each room is multi-use. Finally, the unique open-concept layout and material choices help reduce the use of electricity, making this space both environmental- and budget-friendly. A small house needn’t be cramped or bland – this modern, multifunctional home shows us how to strike the right balance between cozy and exciting.[via]

calm green interior applications

exciting small house creations

multifunctional house inside furnishing

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