Exciting Modern House Designs with Minimal Green Constructions

eco-friendly house garden landscape

The eco-friendly house garden landscape of this residence was look calm and balance the modern design of the house. Both garden and building construction of this home was indicating a simple modern house style. It was a delicious taste of a home with modern and go green style. Surrounded by a green garden landscaping, the designer of this residence was accidentally use the concept of minimal design with youth color paint application for the exterior wall decals. The minimal house exterior constructions of this house can be seen from the construction of the building and completed with the main project of this living space. It was look practical and give us more inspiration if we want to change our house design. The simple transformation was places on the building construction and we can add several applications to make this home look inviting and great. These exciting modern house pictures were the complete interpretation of minimalist residence building inspirations and our step will be started with green and clean garden exterior.[via]

exciting modern house pictures

minimal house exterior constructions

minimalist residence building inspirations

green and clean garden exterior

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