Ergonomic Dali Museum Designs with Structural Architectural Inspirations

glass exterior plans inspirations

Pay more attention through this ergonomic public space landscaping and don’t be hesitating to try to apply the concept to our home space. It was so inspiring and give us more imagination about museum that usually identical with something old and dirty. This Dali museum was try to break the human imagination that museum was a place that identical with some old and dirty. It was one of the most modern museums that show their collections in different way. These glass exterior plans inspirations probably become one of the real example that we can see that today museum was become a great space with dynamic structural system and modern look. Several people probably though that museum was identical with great and conservative building but through this museum we will change that thought. Besides that, this minimalist Dali museum interior was show a minimal taste of a museum place with functional plans. As the first imagination about this museum, let’s see these great Dali museum designs with structural museum architectural theme.[via]

great dali museum designs

structural museum architectural theme

ergonomic public space landscaping

minimalist dali museum interior

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