Equestrian Center by Francisco Mangado


Francisco Mangado projected the equestrian center located in Ultzama, Navarra, in the middle of a valley with green pasture and oak trees.

The buildings are formed of large unitary and isolated farm-like volumes that seem to touch, but compete with one another to show their bold architectural character. Beyond the materials or specific expressive configurations, the proposal was inspired by the desire to establish a relationship with the context through an exact, clear volume.

The material play an important role in the project. The usual tense plastered walls painted white are replaced with steel sheet, which, combined with oak wood, generates an expressive result. The result is a contemporary approach to the traditional solutions found in the surroundings.

The organization is relatively simple. A large elongated volume accommodates the stalls and the lodgings of keepers and workers. A large volume lying perpendicular to the first, houses the olympic training ring as well as the owners’ house and a living area and training premises for jockeys and instructors.

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