Elegant Russian Mansion Designs with Luxury Interior by Photographer Victor Borzih

classical white living room

That classical white living room is covered by the white interior landscape include with vintage furnishing of a village living room style. Almost the side space of this living room is white and clean. Through the simple performance of the living room, we are invited to come away to another inside space of this mansion. The fancy red Russian home landscape will be another inviting thing from this mansion and the designer introduce the new conception of a living space with the real performance of translucent Russian mansion designs.

Elegant indoor swimming pool become the main point of view from this mansion and through the best capture from Victor Borzih we can get more than just the calm performance of the pool but, there is also the deep atmosphere of nature here. The great performance of this mansion is come from the architectural itself of the building too. The luxury Russian home interior of this mansion will spark along the entire side of this mansion and give to us more than just a living space. using glass material as the additional material of the mansion building construction is make the landscape of this mansion look elegant and lavish.[via]

fancy red Russian home landscape

lavish bedroom Russian mansion

translucent Russian mansion designs

luxury Russian home interior

elegant indoor swimming pool

calm blue indoor pool interior

rejuvenating indoor swimming pool area

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