Eco-Kitchen-Green Futuristic Kitchen Design and Appliance Ideas by Fatalzi

green unique kitchen table

This green unique kitchen table was designed for those who care in green living concept and care with the sustainability of the world. This modern kitchen appliance design will help us to reduce kitchen rubbish and recycle organic rubbish. This kitchen was designed with several cabinets and drawer from stainless steel material that can be use as the place for both stores our cooking utensil and as recycle place. Using green color system, this eco friendly kitchen cabinet decor was complete with a group of tube that can be use as smoke absorber when we were cooking. The decorative kitchen furniture ideas from this furniture will support our green living concept and complete our care in eco friendly theme. Actually, this eco friendly kitchen design plans was completed with integrated fridge that built in the drawer system so that this kitchen furniture can be called as space saving furniture. Designed by Fatalzi, these futuristic kitchen design ideas will complete your both green living and stylish style.{via}

futuristic kitchen design ideas

modern kitchen appliance design

eco friendly kitchen cabinet decor

decorative kitchen furniture ideas

eco friendly kitchen design plans

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