East Hotel


CL3 Architects projected the East Hotel, a business hotel, located in a residential / comercial neighborhood in Hong Kong.

Here is the project description:

The East Hotel takes a different look at hotel design by planning from the inside-out. The interior designer was appointed early in the design process, 4.5 years ago, to carry out the space planning of the rooms and public areas, consisting of the entrance, lobby reception, all day dining, health club, 339 guestrooms, 6 suites and a rooftop bar, as an integral part of the architecture. It is the interior spatial experience rather than ornamentation that shapes the design.

The name “EAST” resulted from the design concept which interprets the contemporary Oriental / Hong Kong travel experience as being world class, efficient, modern, playful, with a touch of Chinese culture.

This are the achieved through:

Use of a consistent and simple material palette with two shades of wood, a light limed elm and classic walnut, two different stones, rio white and mocha limestone, and black stainless steel as highlight throughout the entire hotel. This serves to unify all the various outlets and guest rooms whilst still allowing for individual design character to emerge.

Maximizing the intake of daylight and views, with a 5 meter long window frontage to most guest rooms and north facing, full height glazing to all the public spaces. The interior design elements helped to determine window sill heights and window mullion spacing.

Use of playful Chinese elements, for example: Chinese characters for floor number indication, a backlit Contemporary Chinese landscape painting as the reception backdrop.

Two main features in the lobby that act as Yin and Yang: A serene, 10 meter long, back illuminated reception desk cantilevered from a single column, vs a glass grand stair with a labyrinth of steel and wood as structural support to symbolize the energy of Hong Kong.

Efficient guest room design with an open bathroom concept in a 25 square meter room with 12 square meter of window exposure. The six suites each feature one large space of 52 square meter using only one wood veneer and a lime stone floor as the internal finishes.

F&B outlets that are spacious, efficient and relaxing: ‘Feast’, a casual restaurant provides a variety of dining ambiances under a 12 meter high atrium space. ‘Sugar’ is a lively bar of tiered seating facing an open roof deck with stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong.

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