Disco Experience Store


rg.s arquitectura designed the Disco Experience Store that focuses on the “brand spirit” and a new and young multitasking generation of consumers.

Project description:

The store ambiance tries to achieve all sensory levels of these consumers, with a proposal of unifies fashion, art and culture in the same place.

The project was executed in a systematic way. All requisite present in the sensory levels of the consumption (vision, audition, smell…), as well as the technical questions like the products display, were solved extruding the store brand. A square was transformed in a cube, which made possible to use the faces to brand communication, expression, and marketing. Art and technical aspects like illumination and sound system were integrated in the cube. The interior of the transparent cube is an open space to products display. Furthermore the multiplication of this cube all over the space generates a tridimensional grid that forms the Disco Experience space.

This tridimensional grid allows making spatial modifications easily in the composition of the store, amplifying or reducing showcase area, arts area and other parts of the store. The faces of the cube are rendered by adhesives which stamp brands, references and arts produced exclusively to the store. With few low cost modifications is easy to change the visual of the store and create a new experience in the costumers every time which the store is modified in any detail.

This one was the first store of a new brand with plans to expand and open new stores. So, to create a system that allows the brand customization in any kind of place or spot was a necessary condition in the development of the project. According to this principle, the system created to the store is global and easily adaptable in others places.

The conjunction of fashion, art and culture and their interactions favors the communication and interactivity with clients. All overlapping of references, brands and art stimulates the identification with their clients and the background of display areas values colors and textures of sealing products.

Photos by Ricardo Jaeger

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