Dark Interiors to Set the Mood for Halloween

Dark Interiors Set the Mood for Halloween

Once winter ends and spring rolls around, the bright colors of sunshine and green grass are just what the doctor ordered.  As the summer winds down and fall arrives, we welcome the season with open arms.  While colored leaves fall from trees and hot cocoa is the drink of choice, we’ve got a few ways you can get your home ready for the popular Halloween holiday just by changing a few accents.


Deepen the Comfort Level

Dark interiors don’t have to be lifeless and uninviting.  Choose rich browns and heavy, soft fabrics to layer your home in.  To set the mood for warm fireplaces and cold toes, try layering your bedding with different textiles and patterns to create a refuge from the cold winter wind outside.


Add a Whimsical Focus

It’s often tough to convey warmth to your guests without the help of a little color.  While you’re trying to set the tone for winter and Halloween, add a colorful focus in every room to brighten up the atmosphere.  Remember, the colors of your home don’t have to dictate your mood, and dark colors are simply a way of welcoming a new season.


Focus on a Collection

Do you collect old vases or thimbles, but don’t know what to do with them?  If so, add them to your décor.  Try arranging them on a shelf or on the hearth over the fireplace.  Stack them artfully to add dimension and flair.

Changing your décor from one season to another is often simply a matter of changing the colors of your accents.

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