Creative Wooden IKEA Furniture Designs by Kenyon Yeh

contemporary furniture designs

These creative wooden furniture ideas were designed in thought of functional and natural design. Whole furniture from wooden was show both natural and eco friendly layout. The combination of creative design with natural material will bring comfortable and calm atmosphere for our space. Obviously, from the entire furniture from this series, we will see not only for shelf the designer release the furniture but also for a lamp table, and accessories place. These decorative indoor furniture ideas were not use paint to cover the real appearance. Whole furniture was naturally using their self color. This great idea was really attractive since the real color and pattern of the wood can be seen clearly. Special for the unique bookshelf designs plans; this furniture was design with two up and down side. This decoration will ease us to arrange our book. If you were interested and still have free space, these contemporary furniture designs will try to complete your space.{via}

creative wooden furniture ideas

unique bookshelf designs plans

decorative indoor furniture ideas

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