Creative Stickers for Suitcase

inspiring innovative stickers for suitcase

This creative suitcase stickers design will rob all of passenger. The unique sticker suitcase design that we can see in this review is one of the extraordinary design since the designer use some extreme design to cover our suitcase. The heroin design will look such as the real heroin and if we are not aware, probably the security attendant from the airport will pay more attention on our suitcase. Another extreme design if show that our case is a safety space to kidnap the stewardess. Better to be careful if we want to apply this suitcase and get the attention on the right way. [via]

realistic suitcase stickers ideas

If we are looking out the whole design and landscape of this suitcase design, our eye will see the realistic suitcase stickers ideas from this suitcase sticker design. Almost the whole design of the sticker is look real and we can’t differentiate which one the fake one. The color tone of this sticker suitcase design is look nice and realistic too. Both design and color tones are blend nicely. We can get an unforgettable moment through use this case and let’s shake the airport though this unique suitcase.

unique case painting plan

creative suitcase stickers design

After we use this extraordinary sticker suitcase design, probably this thing will inspire other. Probably after we pass the airport, there are so many people think about another idea. So, there will be so many unique stickers for the suitcase. Believe it or not, the inspiring innovative stickers for suitcase of this stuff are places on both design and color tone so that maybe there will be so many unique design include with the bright color tone. It’s sound good, right?

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