Creative Mirror Storage Design from Wood

creative storage mirror combination

Women are love to dressing and mirror is the most important thing for that. Based on that natural character of woman, this wood mirror storage is try to accommodate the need of effectiveness when dressing and make-up time. This stuff is a combination of mirror and storage. The designer of this unique house accessory design is combining those two things because the designer wants to ease the woman. If we are look this mirror storage from the front side the performance of this stuff is simple but, if we are looking down from the side space of the mirror we will see the combination of both storage system and mirror. [via]

unique house accessory design

This creative storage mirror combination is one of the most attractive and creative stuff, today. So many people are looking for the smart system like this. This multifunctional house accessory is the most understood stuff, especially for woman. The storage system is separated in three parts and every part of this drawer can be use as the accessory for our dress such as a brose, necklace, bracelets, and so on. We can maximize the function of this wood mirror storage through use as best as we can do.

multifunctional house furnishing ideas

wooden mirror storage plans

Probably the multifunctional house furnishing ideas of this wood mirror storage is come from the simple experience. Maybe come from the designer experience or from another one. Overall, this stuff is functional and we can use maximally. We can place this mirror storage in our bedroom or in our bathroom space. Based on function and need, absolutely 

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