Cozy Modern Apartment Design with Minimalist Interior

blue print of modern apartment

Need an extraordinary modern apartment inspiration? This modern apartment design will give more than just an inspiring one, but also give the complete landscape of an apartment. The blue print of modern apartment that we can see below is the separated part of an imaginative modern apartment inspiration. This modern apartment inspiration is give the complete inspiration for us. Started from the blue print until the real landscaping of the modern living space, this page is the complete one. [via]

minimalist homey apartment design

Now, we will start to see one by one the space of this apartment. From the public place of this apartment, we will see the living room, kitchen and dining room space are combining in one room. This decoration is fair enough since the size of this modern apartment design is limited. The designer is maximizing the space smartly. The multifunctional furniture combine with the right color tone make this room look large. Beside the modern style, this place is applying the minimalist homey apartment design also.

nice dark modern apartment

cozy bathroom closet and bedroom interior

The next room is the bathroom and bedroom space. This place is the private side of this apartment but, the designer still uses the modern style to cover the building construction of this place. Moreover, the designer uses the nice dark modern apartment furnishing system for the entire side space of this place. The combination of the light and dark color gradation will make this place look different and special. Event use the contradiction color tone but, the complete landscape of this modern apartment design is interesting, right?

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