Cozy Mira Hong Kong Hotel with Purple Interior Ideas

the Mira Hong Kong Hotel designs

Welcome by these cozy lobby space applications, our imaginations will fly away to see and enjoy the beautiful and gorgeous design of this Hong Kong hotel. The culture of Chinese was embrace the side space of this hotel and combine with modern style so that the performance of this hotel will be mid modern classical style. Look at these romantic hotel restaurant layouts that look continuity with the lobby space and we can enjoy the Chinese culture spark along this space. Both lobby and restaurant will welcome us with calm and friendly style. We will feel such as in our own home in this hotel and we can start to feel those whole environments for this summer. The green and clean hotel room inspirations of this hotel were tries to accommodate the go green issue and support the effort to fight global warming. These purple interior landscaping ideas were spark the living room space of the hotel room. Feel such as in our own residence was become the main purpose of this hotel. Combine with white lights ceiling lighting fixtures, the whole application and decoration of this public space can be seen in these the Mira Hong Kong Hotel designs.[via]

cozy lobby space applications

white lights ceiling lighting fixtures

purple interior landscaping ideas

romantic hotel restaurant layouts

green and clean hotel room inspirations

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