Cool and Cozy Tribeca Penthouse Design with Green Penthouse Garden Inspirations

stunning Tribeca penthouse designs

Completed with the existing outdoor terrace ideas, this classy penthouse was giving other living space inspirations for us. Several years ago, penthouse space was identical with something scared and useless space especially for the top space. After look out this outdoor penthouse terrace, now we can apply and try the design and the concept of the top space of our penthouse or event our home living space. Continue with the transparent living room inspirations, the huge glass window furnishing was helping us to reduce the using of electricity. We can use the glass window as the lighter for our penthouse especially at noon. After looking down the elegant living room, now we will turn into these cool and cozy dining room plans that place side by side with the calm and comfy family room layouts. Both of those space event places side by side but the themes of those spaces were quite different one and other. We can see through the calm and cozy lighting of the family room and the passionate red application for the dining room. Starting with smart penthouse garden arrangement, now we will see the total landscape of stunning Tribeca penthouse designs.[via]

transparent living room inspirations

calm and comfy family room layouts

existing outdoor terrace ideas

cool and cozy dining room plans

smart penthouse garden arrangement

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