Contemporary Sustainable Residence Designs with Green and Clean Concept

green and clean outdoor garden

The huge living room concept of this residence was can be seen from several sides and our eye can see the complete inspiring landscaping of a living room with both contemporary and huge size. Through this page our imagination will be wild and get more active inspiration about a living space. Actually, before we step up into that huge living room; our feet and eye will enjoy the green and clean outdoor garden that very friendly and give us a fresh air every single time. Feel such as in a resting space was become another theme of this building. Through looking out the minimalist sustainable residence interior of this building we will see the nice combination between classical thought of a home space that indicate the contemporary style and the modern style of a residence that indicate the minimalist look. Through seeing the whole side of this contemporary family room planer our mind will think and get the main point concept of modern sustainable residence designs.[via]

contemporary family room planer

huge living room concept

minimalist sustainable residence interior

modern sustainable residence designs

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