Contemporary Stone House Designs with Vintage Furnishing Constructions

contemporary stone house designs

The black furnishing bedroom layouts that we will see in this home design inspiration was look contrast and we were are able to see the whole landscaping of this stone home design inspiration. Actually, almost the whole side of this home start from the first room was covered with chocolate color tone; that was the reason why the bedroom was showed the contrast look from this home. The master bedroom that provided by this home was apply the simple master bathroom constructions so that the balance style of both dark bedroom and the simple bedroom was look so nice and integrated.
If we were looking down the whole side of this place, our mid will be understand that the designer of this home pay the chocolate color application for the public space while the black color tone was dedicated for the private space from this home. Since the bedroom was applying the concept of dark style, the simple bedroom was applying the similar theme too. The dark wall space of the bathroom was showed the continuity concept of the bedroom. The conceptual kitchen stone home of this living space was covered with chocolate style so that the interior project of this space was the contemporary style of this home. Those whole vintage living space inspirations were interpreted from the landscape of these contemporary stone house designs.[via]

conceptual kitchen stone home

black furnishing bedroom layouts

vintage living space inspirations

simple master bathroom constructions

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