Contemporary Single Family Home Constructions

green and clean home interior plans

The direct link wooden staircase constructions in this single home was completely uses as the direct link of the first floor of this home into the second floor of the home. The contemporary look of this staircase can be seen into the material that uses by the designer of this staircase. The glossy brown color appliance of this staircase will spark along the step of our foot. We will feel comfy and attracted by this application. Continue into other space of this home, our eye will be able to see the contemporary living room ideas that covered with the glossy brown color application. Similar with the direct staircase, this living room was use the similar wood material. The furniture plans of this space also support the concept of contemporary. Amazingly, through this page we can see the complete inspiring design of these green and clean home interior plans that combine both sustainable and contemporary theme. Our imaginations will be completed with the practical landscape of distinctive single family home designs.[via]

distinctive single family home designs

direct link wooden staircase constructions

contemporary living room ideas

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