Contemporary Sandwich House Design with Open Air Bathroom Decorating in Tokyo, Japan

modern sandwich house design

This modern sandwich house design obviously can be seen designed for a single family who love to live in simple design. Whole decoration from this house included with the interior design perfectly matches with the main concept of this house. If we start to going inside of this house we will the integrated space of both comfortable living room decorating and clean kitchen design idea were designed in one space. Using wooden furniture and decoration, this space will look so great and completed the entire design of this house. Freely both of that space was not divider so we can see one and other space obviously. The designer Ryoichi Kojima built one extraordinary space from this house that located on the top floor. There is a natural open air bathroom that completed with a bathtub and shower idea. Event located on the top floor and open plan idea, this space was decorate with the decorative wooden interior design to support the entire theme of this house. Located in Japan, this contemporary sandwich house interior idea absolutely ideal for simple personalities.

decorative wooden interior design

clean kitchen design idea

comfortable living room decorating

contemporary sandwich house interior idea

natural open air bathroom

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