Contemporary Russian House Design with Artistic Ceramic Decoration

modern aristocratic house plan

Completed with the artistic ceramic decorating idea this Russian house design by art-studio Kupryanovih was try to give new look of Russian house. Using decorative color system that combine with the contemporary design, this modern aristocratic house plan was decorated in concrete design and green garden decoration. The cream soft color system of this house smoothly combine with the contemporary house design and give new look of a Russian house. Other special decoration from this house was the floral ceramic tile designs that complete both window and door space. The combination of floral decoration and the decorative design will give new environment from this hose decoration. if we catch up this decorative floral tile idea bin details, we will see that the design of this furniture was design in abstract tile and like a puzzle combinations. So if you were attracted with this stuff arrangements don’t be hesitate to apply this contemporary house design.

decorative floral tile idea

artistic ceramic decorating idea

floral ceramic tile designs

contemporary house design

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