Contemporary Rizon Jet Lounge with Moroccan Style

modern Rizon Jet Lounge

Welcome to the round style living room lounge from Rizon Jet lounge. The unique design of this space is just the beginning. This building is a modern building design with Moroccan style for the furnishing and decoration. If we are look around the whole side of this building, we will see the humble style of the building cover almost surrounded space. The Moroccan style lounge furnishing can be seen from the furniture application of this building. So, welcome to the modern Rizon Jet Lounge. [via]

round style living room lounge

humble seating side lounge areas

wooden room divider plan

The unique style of this Rizon Jet lounge is look extraordinary since the designer use the green and clean wall in garden decoration. So, this building is applying the modern and eco-friendly planner. The wall in garden is show the natural side of the world and still continued with the wooden room divider plan.

green and clean wall in garden decoration

Moroccan style lounge furnishing

contemporary style lounge bathroom

Rizon Jet lounge look great from the outside and show the soft and gentle for the inside. The round living room becomes the appetizer and the humble seating side lounge areas are the main course of this building. Want to spend a memorable time? Don’t hesitate to come to this place then.

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