Contemporary Murtal House Design in Murtal, Portugal

contemporary  concrete house plans

This modern murtal house design by ARX Portugal tries to give different inspirational deign of a living concept. Using several natural materials, this house design was built in both artistic and humanism approach of a living space. This house built in the high contour so that the shape and layout of this house was escort the shape of the ground. The natural decoration can be seen from the wooden rooftop design idea that tries to give comfortable decoration and contemporary look from this house idea. If we see in detail, we will see other natural decoration from this house that place in wall decoration idea. The marble material gives to give different layout and decoration for this murtal house. Actually, this house design not only can be call as murtal design but also as contemporary concrete house plans since this house design was combine both natural and contemporary material to cover whole space of this house. Located in Portugal, you were allowed to see several simple murtal house pictures for your first impression.

modern murtal house design

simple murtal house pictures

wooden rooftop design idea

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