Contemporary High Loft Wall Shelf Designs by Ontwerpduo

contemporary wall shelf designs

These contemporary wall shelf designs from Ontwerpduo were diligently design not only for our living room space and family room but also for our bed space also. Through that understanding, the concept of this shelf was combine the entire need and function of a shelf itself. Actually, we can decorate and make this shelf by ourselves if we have the material and know the main concept of the shelf design. Since the main concept of these accessories was the wood wall shelves ideas, so here we have to prepare wood as the main material. After got the entire stuff, we can start to measure the line of our wall and try to cut the wood based on the fix size. Special for the stuck on side, we can try to use nut or event the wall glue so that the wood will be stuck on the wall perfectly. Coloring with the natural color application, we will get a modern wall shelf unit décor that similar with the real design from the famous designer. Special for bed room shelf, we can try to make more specific since this place was the personal space so that we can separated the shelf based on how much we will use this accessory. Added with the stair decoration, this accessory will look as decorative wall book shelf.

decorative wall book shelf

modern wall shelf unit decor

wood wall shelves ideas

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