Contemporary Functional Wooden Furniture Design

contemporary home furniture design

This wooden home furniture plan that we will looking out was the most simple one furniture since the designer was use the most common material to make it real. We will see the stainless construction combine with the wooden material application. The rectangle design of the wooden board was gathered with the stainless construction that designed such as stick line. The side ideas that furnish this wooden furniture were use as the supporting structure construction of this storage furniture. We will see the real paint look of those stuff. The brown color was come from wooden board of this furniture and the dynamic style was come from the functional wooden storage ideas. Both of those colors applications was sparkling and make our eye keep on bright and open up. We can place this furniture in out foyer space or in our wardrobe space as the shoes storage or just to place our dirty clothes. Those simple thought can be seen in this contemporary home furniture design.[via]

functional wooden storage ideas

wooden home furniture plan

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