Contemporary Eco-Friendly Container Home Designs

inspiring simplicity living space ideas

This practical and eco-friendly guesthouse serves as an inspiration, and a reminder that anything can be transformed into a living space with creativity, work, and skill. Utilizing an old and useless shipping container, the designer has created a small but serviceable area by maximizing the space allowances of the repurposed container. Cutouts are glassed in to provide a great deal of natural light and views of the surrounding greenery, and an outdoor area expands the home’s footprint and useable space. The designer counteracts what could be the chilly industrial feel of the metal shipping container by cladding the interior with warm natural wood. When beautifully furnished and decorated with colorful brights, this recycled container is far removed from its original use.[via]

practical guest house landscape

eco-friendly container guest house designs

contemporary container home interior

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