Contemporary Ballymahon Farmhouse Construction Design

contemporary farmhouse design ideas

Designed by ODOS Architects, this contemporary farmhouse design ideas will give us a lot of inspirations if we wanted to build a simple farmhouse. Apply in white color system for the inside interior, this farmhouse was completed with the luxury living room decorations plans that apply with the white sofa and a set of leather arm chair. Go on to the next space, we will see the modern kitchen design construction that complete with the modern kitchen furniture. Since this farmhouse was design in open plan concept, the entire room of this house was complete with the bright glass wall that covers with the natural wooden line. Included with the clean bed room interior decor, we will see the open plan also since this space was decorate with the transparent glass wall also. The outdoor space from this house design was complete with the set of dining table furniture that completes the wooden flooring system. Called as Ballymahon farmhouse, these wooden farmhouse construction pictures will complete your knowledge.

luxury living room decorations plans

modern kitchen design construction

clean bed room interior decor

wooden farmhouse construction pictures

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