Concrete Japanese Restaurant Design-HOTO FUDO Restaurant in Japan

modern japanese restaurant design

Located in Japan, this modern Japanese restaurant design was design by applying the simple Japanese culture. The unique design of this restaurant can be seen from the whole layout of this restaurant. Start from the front line of the restaurant we will see the outstanding design that perfected the landscape of Fuji mount. The Japanese restaurant outdoor layouts of this architect were designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. Called as HOTO-FUDO restaurant, the entire decoration of this restaurant was implying humble personality of Japanese people. Complete with the wooden dining room furniture restaurant, the direct landscape of this restaurant faces big road and a free open plan space. Using white color decoration for the entire space of the restaurant, we will get both comfortable and charm atmosphere from those decoration. So, if you have plan to go to Japan on this summer, don’t miss to try this restaurant and see both unique concrete structure idea and simple restaurant interior decor from HOTO-FUDO restaurant.

wooden dining room furniture restaurant

japanese restaurant outdoor layouts

simple restaurant interior decor

unique concrete structure idea


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    I would love to spend my holidays to the place where these masterpieces are available.

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