Comfortable Nike Sportswear Store Interior Décor in Paris

paris nike sportswear store

Comfortable and beautiful! That was the first impression of this paris nike sportswear store. Here we can see how neat and diligent the staffs handle the entire sport stuff from the one of the biggest sportswear manufacture in this world. Actually, the condition of this sportswear is simple; the most eye catching side was the product and the arrangement of the sports stuff. We can see clearly the modern sportswear decorating ideas that decorate in vintage decoration. The entire space of this sportswear was tried to give both comfortable and enjoy feeling for the costumers. We can see glass material was cover front line from this store and the mannequins stuff was place close to the glass decoration. Other sportswear was hanged on in the middle of this space and special for footwear, the staff was arranging in the rack shoes. Special for new release designs, they place in white interior decor idea. From the comfortable nike sportswear store we also can see several backless bench that use for costumer to try their footwear and to get relax when they were looking for something. If you want to try to open a sportswear store, the modern nike footwear designs from Nike can be one of your inspiration.{via}

comfortable nike sportswear store

modern nike footwear designs

modern sportswear decorating ideas

white interior decor idea

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    I really like the wintage style!

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