Comfortable “The Club” Hotel with Black and White Interior

spectacular The Club hotel designs

The minimalist front office ideas from these hotel layouts will show to us how friendly and comfortable this hotel was. That was become important for the guest since the front office space was the first office department from a hotel that will welcome the guest and show the personality of the hotel. Looking neatly was another important thing from a hotel besides the clean and clear side of the hotel. The character of the hotel has to be can show out through this space. This welcoming The Club hotel room was the continuity plans from the hotel management to show the main spirit of the hotel.
The Design Director says, “Searching to ground the hotel in the context of Singapore as well as the historically rich conservation area of Club Street and Ann Siang Hill, we drew its inspiration from 2 sources. The first is Singapore’s colonial past, which we have made modern tongue-in-cheek references to through art installation like features such as an larger-than-life statue of Raffles with his head in the clouds as well as through some key furniture pieces and artifacts. “
The hotel management has to concern with the theme and the concept of the hotel. Say for example for this Club Hotel. The management of this hotel was concern with the black and white landscaping and give the comfortable include with the friendly layouts for the guest. This black and white flooring system will give another intangible feeling of the guest and make them love to come back here and enjoy the adorable layouts of this hotel. These comfortable hotel room layouts were the exciting layouts of these spectacular The Club hotel designs.[via]

minimalist front office ideas

welcoming The Club hotel room

comfortable hotel room layouts

black and white flooring system

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